Linear Park Ferrocarril de Cuernavaca<br>City of Mexico / MEX
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18. June 2024

Linear Park Ferrocarril de Cuernavaca

Creative mission

  • The art of life – The art of survival

Project data

Linear Park Ferrocarril de Cuernavaca
Client City of Mexico
Region other regions
Typology Public Spaces / Landscape Planning
Art Competition
Planungszeitraum 2016 - 2016
Cooperation partner
  • We dot.

The Linear Park in the north of the district of Polanco follows the "Cuernavaca" railway tracks on their way through the urban space of Mexico City over a length of 4.6 km. A variety of transport connections, cultural facilities, residential and industrial areas and recreation spaces are located along the linear space whereby a multi-layered network is formed. With regard to the diversity in the urban surroundings and the linear spatial constellation, the topic of art in the public space fulfils the function of a connecting element.

Art directly addresses the emotions and overcomes the social barriers in the everyday life. Art in public space leaves messages, which can be noticed, interpreted and co-designed by others. In the planning of the Linear Park this effect is referred to as the art of life. On the other hand, the challenges in the life of socially disadvantaged groups leads to great creativity in everyday life. The search for ways to improve the individual circumstances always stimulated creative solutions. These can be seen, for example, in the production of street art as a source of income. This aspect is to be understood as an art of survival. The urban design of the linear park dedicates to the integration of both aspects.

The different constellations of space and usages along the planning area are incorporated by a modular design of the space and furniture elements. These elements consist of a standardized basic structure but can nevertheless be combined and designed in multiple ways.