North Square and Supporting Facilities<br>Xian / CN
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18. June 2024

North Square and Supporting Facilities

Project data

North Square and Supporting Facilities
Client Xi'an Municipality
Region Asia
Typology Architecture
Planungszeitraum 2017 - 2017
Cooperation partner
  • Beate Woehrle

Based on Haussmann's traditional façades, a new interpretation for a hotel use with a French character is created. The building opens with a permeable colonnade to the opening staircase and leads into a public courtyard. Private areas are located in the second courtyard behind.Decorative elements and balcony railings are abstracted into reliefs and simple lattice structures. For the decorative elements, pilasters & colonnades, as well as balcony railings in cooperation with the designer Beate Woehrle different patterns were designed. These photos taken from nature are first reduced in black and white sequences and expanded by multiplication and stringing together to form patterns. By different emphasis of the ornaments and wall sections by material or color arise diverse compositions in the facade.