Education City<br>Guangzhou / CHN
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29. May 2024

Education City

Creative mission

  • Large Campus with an ecological,
  • agricultural, and rural background

Project data

Education City
Client City of Guangzhou
Region Asia
Typology New Town/District Planning
Art Competition
Planungszeitraum 2014 - 2014
Field size 23 ha

MASTERPLAN and Architecural Concept For a sub-center of the Guangzhou Education City

Design competitions were advertised for several sub-centers of the major project, the Guangzhou Education City.  

The key design idea is to create a living network of public spaces with the purpose of integrating public space, landscape and water cohesively with the existing topography.

The building structure consists of a conceptual linear system of building blocks and bars. This is due to the Chinese Yin and Yang faith predominantly oriented towards north-south. The residential areas of the building wings follow the topography and are easily rotated to form varied public and semi-public spaces. The centers are located in particularly beautiful locations and are connected by footbridges and paths directly linked to the nearby natural area. Each area has a different character of public space, which can include quiet residential streets in the residential areas, bustling and informal spaces for various activities in the CBD area, and busy village-style rooms at the library on the water.

The Scenary City uses established design principles to offer a flexible system that follows each use and can react flexibly to changes.