New City Ring<br>Pforzheim / GER
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16. July 2024

New City Ring

Project data

New City Ring
Construction costs ca. 3,5 Mio Euro
Client City of Pforzheim / Planning Department
Region Europe
Typology Public Spaces / Landscape Planning
Art Assignment
Planungszeitraum 2012 - 2014
Field size 9 ha

Development of a new memorable city image along the new city ring

The 4.3 km long new inner city ring extends around the center of the city. The goal of the ring road is to ease congestion and to promote the attractiveness and development of downtown.

The planning objective is to convert the ring from its existing condition as a barrier to downtown, into a successful link for access to the inner city. Currently, the inner ring road is not experienced as a discernible unit. Through uniform design principles, individual sequences can be varied along the ring, establishing a perceptible form. Particular focus for the design included crossing points for road users and an open space linkage.

In 2012, due to traffic engineering needs, the area in front of the ZOB (Central bus station) – including the axis Jahnstraße, Goethestraße, Zerrennerstraße, and Turnplatz – underwent construction towards the realization of the design. Construction was completed the following year. To the extent possible, the design principles of the workshop process were transferred, incorporated, and implemented into the existing plans of the city of Pforzheim. In addition, planning proposals for eight additional focus areas were created in order to further implement the design principles and examine their effectiveness.