Parliament Building<br>Baghdad / IRQ
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16. July 2024

Parliament Building

Creative mission

  • Innovative Axis with Focal Point

Project data

Parliament Building
Construction costs approx. 1,1 billion dollars
Award 5. place
Region Middle East/Afrika
Typology Architecture
Art Competition
Planungszeitraum 2012 - 2012
Field size 5.000 ha
Cooperation partner
  • Jockers Architekten BDA

Architectural competition for the council of representatives compound

The planning area is located at the former Muthanna airport in Baghdad. Existing massive pillars of the unfinished Mosque of Saddam Hussein characterize the site. A parliament building for the new Iraq is proposed to be built at this location. The urban design objectives include the design and the development of the former Muthanna airport site as a "New Symbol" in Baghdad, and the continuation of the former runway as a striking landscape axis to the river Tigris.

The building complex is designed as a representative dominant block, housing all functions.
This symbolizes the union of all people and guarantees a suitable monumental scale. The exposed inner courtyard features a semi-transparent and movable roof. It will offer an informal Agora.
The main halls are the physical, visual and symbolic jewels. The three sub areas of the two halls and the lobby symbolize democracy and harmony. The elevated lobby opens up in the middle, and is centered on the major axis.

The building facades, materials, and color scheme are derived from traditional Arabic architecture. Here, emphasis was placed on a contemporary interpretation and human sense of scale. The design of the outer shell of the building, with a modified Islamic pattern, allows visual variety and depth in the facade.