City Image Planning<br>Sindelfingen / GER
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16. July 2024

City Image Planning

Creative mission

  • Strengthen characteristics of the city

Project data

City Image Planning
Client City of Sindelfingen
Region Europe
Typology Design Guidelines
Art Assignment
Planungszeitraum 2011 - 2013
Field size 1.470 ha
Number of inhabitants approx. 60.650 (Dez. 2008)


Sindelfingen is a highly-diversified community. The fast development of several industrial complexes has transformed the city from a small village into a major business location. This has, however, fractured the cityscape, producing neighborhoods of vastly different character, creating a distinct issue where buildings in close proximity have little relationship to each other or the streetscape. A concise, identity-defining city image, devised specifically for Sindelfingen, was missing.

The aim of this work was based on an urban analysis of the city and its sub-areas to define urban design objectives both for the city as a whole, as well as its individual areas. A comprehensive green space network carves out the quality of open space within the city. In addition, measures have been developed to strengthen defining characteristics of the city, such as its historic, organic city structure. Our work also addressed the internal development of Sindelfingen, with special consideration for the City’s focus and preservation of its historic Old Town.