Nansha Smart City<br>Guangzhou / CHN
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16. July 2024

Nansha Smart City

Creative mission

  • Virtual city region: Vision
  • for a smart urban development

Project data

Nansha Smart City
Client City of Guangzhou
Region Asia
Typology Urban Development and Regional Planning
Art Competition
Planungszeitraum 2011 - 2011
Field size 2.353 ha

Nansha Smart City

The concept of smart Nansha has been developed under the corresponding Master Plan. The task
consisted of the development of various strategies for building an intelligent city. Therefore, Smart
Nansha represents a vision for a smart urban development.

The model "Virtual City: Three cities in one city" has two main goals: the intelligent networking of
urban processes and the strengthening and positioning of Nansha within the Pearl River Delta (PRD)
region as a modern, intelligent, environmentally sound and livable urban center. Nine fields of action
support the objectives: urban development, business & industry, port & logistics, mobility, city services,
leisure & tourism, energy, environment and education.

Through information and communication technologies (ICT) Nansha’s urban systems are
 interconnected. The PRD region is virtually regarded as a city. Focus here is on the triangle
Guangzhou, Macau and Hong Kong, with Nansha as the center.

Smart Nansha increases the attractiveness of the city through the creation and strengthening
of soft location factors that are vital to the success of companies and indistries. Simultaneously, Smart
Nansha offers a high quality of life with a modern living environment, as well as interesting
experiences for visitors to the city. Through Smart Nansha, the competitiveness of the city of Nansha
will be strengthened and expanded.