Urban Expansion<br>at Jingyang Lake<br>Taiyuan / CHN
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18. June 2024

at Jingyang Lake

Creative mission

  • Urban planning strategy in the context
  • of the urbanization of the Taiyuan
  • and Jinzhong regions

Project data

at Jingyang Lake
Client City of Taiyuan
Award 2. place
Region Asia
Typology New Town/District Planning
Art Competition
Planungszeitraum 2011 - 2011
Field size 5.720 ha

Conceptual planning and urban design – Tayuan city expansion

The aim of the planning concept for the northern and southern development area was to expand Tayuan city with new city districts and functions. Thus, in the northern planning area a conversion of former industrial sites was provided and the areas around the lake were developed by integrating different mix-used structures. A new planned city center, a recreation and tourist area and a cultural resort shaped the focus of the development concept. It was important to integrate the external environment and functional settings into the design.

The adjacent cultural sites, the surrounding city areas and the local landscapes were understood as starting points in the design that were linked with each other on the base of an ecological new town concept. The different new urban structures along the Jingyang Lake were linked together by a ring system, which includes shore and promenade areas and cultural activity and sport sites for recreation. The balance between the urban area and natural landscape was the key for the sustainable development concept.

In the southern area of the design the focus was laid on the development of a new city district with an emphasis on science, research and administration functions. These uses should be integrated within a mix-used area, which included high quality residential and office places, workplaces, shopping areas and recreational areas. A balanced development of tall building, an intelligent circulation system, the use of different building types and plot sizes and the connection of the district to the Fen River were the foundations of an attractive and well functioning new neighborhood.