Urban Redevelopment River Fen<br>Taiyuan / CHN
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18. June 2024

Urban Redevelopment River Fen

Project data

Urban Redevelopment River Fen
Client City of Taiyuan
Award 1. place
Region Asia
Typology Urban Development and Regional Planning
Art Competition
Planungszeitraum 2009 - 2009
Field size 6.400 ha
Number of inhabitants 3,6 Mio

Urban redevelopment for the area along the river Fen

The aim of the urban development planning for the area along the river Fenhe in the city of Taiyuan was to come up with a distinct image for the city that reflected the  river as one of its most important characteristics. However important, the river had thus far remained under-developed. Establishing this image would be made feasible through creating a comprehensive masterplan involving alterations and improvements to all parameters of city planning and living: land use, building morphology, typology and elevations, street grids, pedestrian routes, landscaping of greenery and parks, lighting, street furniture and billboards. Employing all of these parameters were used to create a united image for the city while taking into account the ecological aspect in the planning and future development of the city.
In this concept, the green concept was a foremost consideration:
The concept of the masterplan shows that the green areas  surround the built up areas, thus creating a type of green zone surrounding the small districts, which appear like small cells full of life in the middle of the living organism that is made up by the natural elements, the greenery and the river.
The districts are divided according to their land uses and are distinct due to their specific shapes. The land uses are defined the specific infrastructure required by the city, and according to the adjacent land uses and the former uses they had. Overalll, the city offers a wide range of uses and facilities, both public and private. A new city centre will emerge on the waterfront with a cohesive skyline that emphasizes an image of the city of Taiyuan as a city full of possibilities, potential for economic development and with an ecological conscience.