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16. July 2024

Touristic Zone

Creative mission

  • Tourism Planning - Saving resources
  • for demand-oriented spaces

Project data

Touristic Zone
Client Planning Office City of Wenchang, China
Region Asia
Typology Urban Development and Regional Planning
Art Assignment
Planungszeitraum 2008 - 2009
Field size 4350 ha

TOURISM AND Development PLANNING for the Northern Part of the Island of HAINAN

The city of Wengchang is located in the Northeast of the Island of Hainan, 70 km from the provincial capital Haikou. This geographic proximity of both cities allows for the opportunity to develop a common tourism zone. The planning area Baohujiao with its 43.5 sq. km dimension has a 23km long shore area, sufficient natural resources and a good ecological situation that create ideal conditions for successful tourism development.
The factors of climate water, beach and the generally available space were comprehensively analyzed. The results of these studies were the preservation and stabilization of the high-quality ecological area, and an addition to the cultural landscape of the Baohujiao area. The shore area shall gain in its own character and shall be completed in some particular locations, for example with modern facilities for sports activities. Additionally, an international tourism center shall emerge where sports facilities, entertainmentservices will be provided, while high-quality residential areas and, of course, hotels and holiday flats are also offered.

The preservation and the protection of the waterfront with its farmland is important for the ecology. All in all there are only three areas in the Baohujiao rivershed where newbuild is allowed: The Baohu-Bay as a new town center with hotels, conference- and culture center, services, offices and residential areas; the Jingxinjiao area as a location for a luxury hotel with golf grounds and sports facilities such as windsurfing or diving; and the Hulugang area as a watersport center with yachting and training center.