Masterplan<br>New Town Qunli<br>Harbin / CHN
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29. May 2024

New Town Qunli

Project data

New Town Qunli
Client Urban Planning Institute of Harbin, Administration department of Qunli area
Region Asia
Typology New Town/District Planning
Art Competition
Planungszeitraum 2008 - 2008
Field size 1.363 ha

Masterplan for a new district in the east part of Qunli

The task of this competition is based on the city planning of Harbin and the planning groundwork for the new district of Qunli. In consideration of the existing and ecological conditions of the eastern subarea, the aim of the planning was the improvement and optimization of the urban structure. The result was an overall city plan for the Qunli area with several focus areas. Design guidelines were established for the city image of the new Central Business District, and phrased to control the development of the future appearance of the eastern part of the city.