Workshop "Masterplan"<br>Esslingen / GER
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18. June 2024

Workshop "Masterplan"

Creative mission

  • Citizens plan for their neighbourhood:
  • Guide Planning Esslingen-Zell South

Project data

Workshop "Masterplan"
Client City of Esslingen
Region Europe
Typology New Town/District Planning, Design Consulting / Citizen participation
Art Workshop Proceedings
Planungszeitraum 2007 - 2007
Cooperation partner
  • Agency of urban planning of Esslingen; Parks and Gardens Department of Esslingen; Social Welfare Office of Esslingen

Structure planning for the public spaces for the southern part of the Zell District

At the Invitation of the Agency of urban planning of Esslingen a workshop about the theme "Zell Süd" took place. In the context of this situation the inhabitants of Zell could think about the current problems, potentials and aims of their district. Approx. 30 inhabitants came to the centre of Zell, the venue of the workshop to phrase the wishes and to work out suggestions for the future development of Zell Süd. After a short introduction the attendants were divided into working groups that were in charge of experts of the ISA Stadtbauatelier, the Agency of urban planning and the Social Welfare Office. After an intensive and totally engaged working phase of the citizens in the groups the results were presented by a representative of each group and were discussed collectively. In that process some sites in the planning area were declined to "zones of problem" and the groups tried to find a solution to eliminate the grievances. The results were adopted and analysed by the ISA Stadtbauatelier and methods of resolution were developed.