Open Space Design<br>Zhengzhou / CHN
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16. July 2024

Open Space Design

Project data

Open Space Design
Client City of Zhengzhou
Region Asia
Typology Public Spaces / Landscape Planning
Art Assignment
Planungszeitraum 2006 - 2006
Field size 45 ha

Open Space Design Hanghai Road East in the City of Zhengzhou

In Zhengzhou the main Hanghai Road axis leads through the new industrial and high-tech development zone. This five km long uniform road shall reflect the new internationality of the city and therefore be extended to a new boulevard. It is divided into six zones, which are designed to resemble different continents, and that form different sequences. A red belt, as a linear three-dimensional folded element, connects all zones and simultaneously forms city furniture and recreation space.
Carpet-like divers flooring creates calm islands, which are enclosed by shear walls of glass, water walls or green structures and thus form a “room in a room”.