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18. June 2024

Landscape Planning

Project data

Landscape Planning
Client City of Kunming
Award 1. place
Region Asia
Typology Urban Development and Regional Planning
Art Competition
Planungszeitraum 2005 - 2005
Field size 30.000 ha

City Development and Landscape Planning in Kunming

In the context of a workshop for the city of Kunming, a master-plan was developed that deals with the landscape and urban places in the city. Various types and structures of vegetation in the specific districts further the orientation and provide identity within the city.
A system of concentrically placed “greenbelts”, “greenwings” and “axes” structures the city into different scopes. The new theme parks build local recreation, which centre on the specific location and take on the “genius loci” in composition and design.
A new developed grid of infrastructure integrates the green in the city and connects the landscape areas with each other. Additionally, the experience of water is hightened so that the specific location of Kunming on the front of Dianchi lake is emphasised.