"Hölderlinplatz"<br>Stuttgart / GER
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18. June 2024


Creative mission

  • Light column with a mission –
  • From power lines to practical wisdom

Project data

Client City of Stuttgart
Region Europe
Typology Public Spaces / Landscape Planning
Art Assignment
Planungszeitraum 2001 - 2004
Field size 1 ha

Redesign of Streets and Public Space "Hölderlinplatz"

For a long time Hölderlinplatz in one of Stuttgart's most lively quarters was only used as a traffic junction. A private initiative by local residents, the "Initiative Hölderlinplatz", commissioned the re-design of the square and the surrounding streets.
The aim of the scheme was to create a unique design to be realised in different steps, according to the financial possibilities..
The various possibilities of public-private partnership should be integrated in all phases of concept, realization and management of the area.
To create a lively atmosphere, different scenarios for day- and night time, and for all seasons were developed.
An integrated appearance with individual parts.
An integrated design concept for the whole area unites the different street and square locations. A beaming light-sculpture focuses on the centre of the area, the junction Schwabstrasse-Johannesstrasse and Kornbergstrasse. Important components like the Kornbergstrasse, Hölderlinstrasse and Schwab/Traubenstrasse will receive a defined individuality.
Integrated Surface design.
Using an integrated design for pavement and traffic lanes concerned with colour, pattern and material, a connected space from one wall to the other is created. Street furnishing with lighting, green and advertising and especially the net structure above the central square unite this urban situation.
Light Sculpture.
The central square is identified by a twelve meter high light sculpture. Not only does this help with the identification –offering an especially spectacular view by night- but it also provides space for a little cafe as the meeting point of the new quarter. Hidden behind the beaming facade are also technical elements for the tram and for traffic regulation.
Lighting Net.
A transparent net structure spans the central square. It unites the public space in spite of the traffic crossing the square. The design of the net gives a strong identitiy to the area and can be used as an easy-to-remember logo. Especially at night, the net will be the beaming centre of the Hölderlinplatz area.