Lighting Concept<br>Ellwangen / GER
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16. July 2024

Lighting Concept

Creative mission

  • Urban atmosphere by lighting:
  • Idea and Realization

Project data

Lighting Concept
Client City of Ellwangen
Region Europe
Typology Public Spaces / Landscape Planning
Art Competition
Planungszeitraum 1998 - 2000
Field size 0,9 ha
Cooperation partner
  • Büro Giers

Lighting Concept for the Pedestrian Area in the City of ELLWANGEN

The most important design objective for the illumination of the pedestrian area was to emphasize the particular characteristics of the Spitalstrasse, respectively of the Marienstrasse.

Thereto the pedestrian area had to be regarded in the superordinated context of a city of lanes, and within the urban system of Ellwangen. The lighting concept should make the hierarchy of the urban spaces perceptible during the hours of darkness. To emphasize the city squares, other subordinated urban spaces had to be developed darker. The hill with the basilica as the historical heart of the city, the circular streets, following the topography of the hill (e.g. Spitalstrasse), and the radial streets leading to the hill (e.g. Marienstrasse) therefore were to be designed with a decreasing luminosity.

Both city squares: „Am Fuchseck“and „Am Palais Adelmann“, should be distinguishable by their lighting atmosphere from other urban spaces. While the square “Am Fuchseck” should be implemented as a meeting point, in a sociable and cheerful way, the square “Am Palais Adelmann” is to be characterized by a calm, festive atmosphere. The illumination of the squares was complemented by recessed ground luminaries as special elements.

Furthermore, other structurally significant urban spaces, like town entrances and urban squares used for orientation, had to be treated with special attention. With the variation of the luminous intensity and the lighting atmosphere, transitions, thresholds and entrances should be marked.