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18. June 2024

Ximi Lu
Dipl.-Ing. Architect and Urban Planner


1992-1997 Studies of Architecture at the Tsinghua University of Beijing/China. Various internships during the studies.
1992-2000 Member of Architectural Design Institute of the Army Logistics/China.
2000-2003 Studies of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Stuttgart.
since 2001 Member of Stadtbauatelier in Beijing.
since 2005 Associated partner of Stadtbauatelier.
since 2008 Associated partner of ISA Internationales Stadtbauatelier.

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Associated partner of ISA Internationales Stadtbauatelier

Rich experiences in the fields of statutory plan, tourism planning and architecture design.


Engineering Design for the Construction of Guangzhou Vocational College, Guangdong, 2015
Urban Design of Jinhui Town in Fengxian District, Shanghai, 2015
Engineering design of International Port Center of South China in Guangzhou, 2014
Design of Zhuoda Headquarter Base, 2014
Concept Planning of Tangquan Resort in Anshan, Liaoning, 2013
Urban Design for the Town Area of Zhuzhen Town in Nanjing, 2012
Master Plan and Urban Design of Hengliang Street Area in Luhe District, Nanjing, 2012
Concept Urban Design of Acheng East New Town, Haerbin, 2011
Concept plan of the grotto tourismus area, Longyou, 2011
Tourism Development Planning of The North Hotspring in Chongqing, 2010
New Town Planning for the New East-City District, Zhaoqing, 2008
Site Plan of Yangzonghai Tourism Town, Yunnan, 2007
Urban Design for the Surrounding Area of The Bicycle Training Gymnasium for the Olympic Games in Changping, Beijing, 2006
Planning and Design of Lengquan Residential Area, Beijing, 2005
City Planning and Architectural Design of the Goverment Centre Nansha, Guangzhou, 2005
Tourism Planning for the Shangzhuang New Town in Haidian District, Beijing, 2004