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16. July 2024

Li Zhongying
Research & Development Director
Project leader


2007-2012  Studies at Nanyang Institute for Technology

Seit 2012 Member of ISA Stadtbauatelier in Peking


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Important Projects

  • Conceptual Design "Service Industry Cluster in Beihai Cruise Homeport", Beihai/ CHN, 2018
  • Urban Design "Zhengzhou Airport Exhibition Center and High-speed South Railway Station Surrounding Area", Zhengzhou / CHN, 2017
  • Urban Design "Land Use Planning and Urban Integrated Design of Subway Line 6‘s Extended Section", Zhangzhou/ CHN, 2017
  • Industrial development research for the region of Guangdong-Hongkong, Guangzhou / CHN, 2016
  • Urban Design "High-speed Railway Eco-city", Zhangjiagang / CHN, 2016
  • Strategy research for the development of Metropolregion in central China / CHN, 2016