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14. Oktober 2019

Citizen partizipation in Beijing

ISA "Urban +/-" - Workshop at Fayuansi Historical Area

September and October, the best time for visiting Beijing, also the most lively season for Beijing International Design Week.

In response to the theme of the event "Old town building / Future city imagination / Urban children's education" ISA hosted a public participation event with the theme of "Urban +/-". Its purpose is to guide contemporary people to think about urban planning, and give individuals the right to "discourse", aiming to introduce the spation resources of two levels (cities and communities) for the relevant groups of Beijing Design Week, and providing the common sense of urban design work. Let the public know the space and at the same time a survey on the willingness to participate in urban planning in Beijing will be conducted.

During the tow-day public participation event, we received hundreds of all-aged participants with different backgrounds. After the event, we analyzed the survey data of two different spatial scales (both Fayuansi community and Xicheng district scale), and the results showed different functional preference characteristics.

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Green Good Design 2018

On April 18, 2018 Green Good Design announced the award winner. Based on "Overall Urban design of Northeast Regional Historical and Cultural Display Area of the South Lake Scenic Area in Tangshan", we won the Award of Green Urban Planning/Landscape Architecture 2018.

The planning area is the main exhibition area for both modern railway industry and the earthquake (in 1976) history and culture. It means a lot for us to work on the renewal project:

it is not only a new development opportunity for Tangshan, but also a reflection of China's urban renewal trend - how to achieve population re-introduction and industrial revitalization in such an area where the culture has great potential convergence and where geology is sensitive.

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Stadtentwicklungskonzept Oberkirch


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Erlebnistag Masterplan


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NAX in Paris Patentreffen und Ausstellungseröffnung

Die Eröffnung der neuen NAX-Patenausstellung „Contemporary Architecture. Made in Germany“ stand im Fokus des dreizehnten Patentreffens am 25. und 26.6.2015 in Paris.

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Projekt Pforzheim / Deutschland

Der 4,3 km lange neue Innenstadtring erstreckt sich rund um die Innenstadt von Pforzheim. Ziel des Rings ist eine Verkehrsentlastung der Innenstadt  zu erreichen, um die Attraktivität und Entwicklung der Innenstadt zu fördern. 

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Projekt Sindelfingen / Deutschland

Für die Planistr. 3-9 in Sindelfingen wurden Gestaltungsempfehlungen und darauf aufbauend drei unterschiedliche Vorschläge erarbeitet.

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